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1 Jun 10, 2020 15:09    

I am losing the ability to view all of my post teaserbreak information. I had put my teaserbreaks at the end of lines and not on their own line. With the new upgrade, anything post teaserbreak where the teaserbreak does not have its own line does not render in the individual post view.
Additionally, some of my posts are rendering with the excerpt in the place of the teaserbreak, and I can't seem to figure out why:

7.1.5 teaserbreak issue
This is based on this:
7.1.5 teaserbreak issue
At this webpage:

2 Jun 10, 2020 15:18

I'm also getting issues with other code not having its own line, in this case, I lost view of everything that was after an ordered list closing tag that wasn't on its own line.

3 Jun 10, 2020 16:15

Hi @drherz

Juat relating to your second post as I've never used the teaserbreak, I will try thoigh.

Re the </li> or are you reffering to the </ol>

I'm using 7.1.5 My problem, even before this was that if the end tag was on another line, as I use autoP it would think I wanted a new paragraph and so other css issues that I had implimented arose. I know it's not the same problem just relates to the same tag.

Will try the teaserbreak now and get back here.
Back now and [teaserbreak]

works fine either immediately after the last character of a line or after a space on the line on a new line.
Just tried as follows and that works to, i.e in the middle of a list
<li><strong>June </strong></li> [teaserbreak]

But note aabove, in this post, my use of the 'teaserbreak' with square brackets, that forced a double new line, so a bit unexpected??

You may like to try disbling some pluigns/widgets, as I mentione the autoP caused a formattinmg issue unless I keo the closing tag on the same line as the list item??

4 Jun 10, 2020 17:08

I haven't added any outside plug-ins. For me the issue occurred with </p>[teaserbreak]

It also occurred at the end of nested ordered lists, thus at the end of my last list item </li> </ol> </li> </ol>

In both cases, the text after just did not display.

Thanks for taking a look.

5 Jun 10, 2020 20:38

I don't use 'outside' plugins, i mean those that are the default installs like autoP and ???

I'll try the </p>[teaserbreak]

and if you like you could make a dummy post where it happens post the text/html here and I will put it on my site to see what happens.

6 Jun 10, 2020 20:49

OK I have just made a dummy post as follows:
Line 1. This is a basic test
<p>Line 2. This line is enclosed with a para tag and so should be spaced from Line 1. There is a teaser break at the end. Clicking on the Read more should show a third line</p>[teaserbreak]
Line 3. If you get this a 'teaserbreak' immediately after the p closing tag works fine.

If you go to my site it is the second post, right after the weather map and it seems to work fine, so either I have not quite got it right of there's an issue with yous settings maybe.

7 Jun 10, 2020 21:45

Thanks so much for your effort to reproduce the error. I ended up going through a few years of posts and put the [teaserbreak] on its own line.
I have another installation that didn't have the problem. Go Figure

8 Jun 10, 2020 22:01

So it is probably soem obscure setting :(

Oh! did you try copying my post to see how it works on your site(s)

I'm about to delete the post but am happy to look at if a bit more.

To carry on investigating I woould want to see a post, or dummy that shows the issue then I can look at the code that causes it, then maybe find out where the code is generated.

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