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1 Nov 06, 2013 17:53    

I think the backoffice GUI and features included in b2evo compared to the skimpy awfully messed up wordpress are the best deal anyone could ask from a blogging platform.

However there is one key feature missing that makes a lot of people chose wordpress because of the growing appeal for social media. I also have a few more suggestions that I may have mentioned before but this first most important mention is a new suggestion.

- a plugin to integrate facebook comments. Somehow these type of comments appeal more to a lot of people due to the fact it gives a bit more freedom to the posters. As far as I know, a blogger can vote down the replies for spam but unless facebook decides to delete them due to infringement of their rules, they will always show up at a simple click. Such a feature would be most welcomed

- a built in feature to post to facebook. I recently installed the social buttons plugin, it includes a like button but obviously that is all that button does. It is true the Mistique skin includes a special share feature but that's only one skin , also the feature opens the sharing window full screen-paged and not as a pop-up

- now something I don't understand and that kinda bugs me out and would like taken out or having an opt out/disabled option - the keywords. I used to write them with a coma and space after each one, copied them to the meta keywords, all was fine and dandy. know how they act and they drive me absolutely crazy. I don't need the tag suggestions nor do I need the hassle of having to chose from a drop down list a keyword previously used otherwise I might end up with a wrong keyword, depending on what is at the top of that list. I don't think writing keywords should be that time consuming

The features I also mentioned previously would be

- ability to block out certain languages, at least chinese and japanese and other special language characters. I am dealing with a humonguous deal of spam in chinese

- ability to directly spam out or block certain unregistered usernames. For example no one should be able to write a certain name in the name field as well as blocking the ability to put url there, a lot of spam lately places the url in the name field and there's no block icon there

- ability to resize images within the WYSIWYG editor, without having to go to HTML and change height and width values

- and very important - bring back the feature that allowed us to make a link nofollow, as the link editor simply doesn't have it anymore

2 Jul 07, 2014 12:19

to add:

    the possiblity to also show posts/results after a seach with a certain TAG.
    the possiblity to let other applications give a auto-login feature. For example to show member content.
    the possiblity to show Member content not on the basis of login but for example on the basis of IP-address (for example allowed from LAN- and normal login from WAN- networks)

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