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1 Jun 15, 2016 09:57    


I am testing the latest version of b2evo and I encountered issues displaying the "about author" widget.

I tried placing it on any section, footer, header, single, sidebar, sidebar2, etc. but it doesn't show anything. I tried to activate and deactivate it, but still not working at all.

I am using cuboid skin. I tried using a different skin (business) and it still doesn't work.

What could be the problem?

3 Jun 16, 2016 13:28

Here's the screenshot of the back office.

4 Jun 16, 2016 20:51

Its not rendering because the $Item object is empty for some reason.

5 Jun 17, 2016 00:17

First this widget can only be used within the context of a Post/Item. For example in the "Item Single" container. It cannot be used in a sidebar.

Then I think the widget has a bug. We'll check.

6 Jun 17, 2016 16:00

Hi Francois,

I've tried placing it in all available containers including Item Single container.

Question: Can I add the entire script of the about_author_widget directly into the skin class and just call it insie the single/post container?

7 Jun 18, 2016 00:01

Ok, that widget actually works.

  • put it into the "item single" container
  • select "Micro Bio" as the field to display in the plugin settings
  • make sure your micro bio is filled in your profile

8 Jun 18, 2016 02:35

Hi Francois,

After playing around the solution that you provided, here's what I found.

***the about author plugin placed in the item single container only works on the default bootstrap blog skin.

The about author won't work on the following skins
(1) business
(2) cuboid
(3) horizon

I think, there are lines of codes in these skins that needs to be altered/added for the plugin to work.

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