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1 Jul 09, 2016 16:57    

So I've missed a few updates and something has changed for the plugins. I had to uninstall 5 plugins, Decided not to hijack similar thread. So maybe I could learn what the big issue is

excerpt_update SORTED OK! Not needed
Does the new version update excerpts and I don't need this?

collapsible categories. OK Forget this for now
I can live without, but suggestions would be welcome

turingtestOK the Captcha questions should do

The above must have been well past Use By date

OK I've lost a lot of formatting. I had a plugin with option to highlight backgrounds and insert divs with presets like float and text direction. If I can't get this working I'll have to edit the format of hundreds of posts objects

A big problem I have is the lack of inserting html code and don't like the new markdown styles. Will look at the wysiwyg again but found it added code I didn't want
Just looked and it's not what I want.
_mytags.plugin OK Just this one for now it's a mod of EdB's more tags
error message:
Strict Standards: Declaration of mytags_plugin::GetDefaultSettings() should be compatible with Plugin::GetDefaultSettings(&$params) in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 310

Strict Standards: Declaration of mytags_plugin::AdminEndHtmlHead() should be compatible with Plugin::AdminEndHtmlHead(&$params) in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 310

Strict Standards: Declaration of mytags_plugin::SkinBeginHtmlHead() should be compatible with Plugin::SkinBeginHtmlHead(&$params) in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 310

2 Jul 09, 2016 22:49

Yup, your errors are because we made b2evolution compatible with PHP7 and now you need to make your plugins compatible with PHP7 too.

You probably only need to add the & $params part to the 3 functions in your plugin that throw an error.

Markdown is not mandatory and you are welcome to type in HTML code in the plain/markup editor instead.

3 Jul 11, 2016 01:36

Ok that seems simple enough, and did clear those error messages but,

I then received

Warning: Missing argument 1 for mytags_plugin::SkinBeginHtmlHead(), called in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 118 and defined in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 88

Line 88 is function SkinBeginHtmlHead( & $params )

Line 117: function AdminEndHtmlHead( & $params ) {
Line 118:       $this->SkinBeginHtmlHead();
Line 119:      }

I tried adding the & $params to the function call at Line 118: but received

Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/calstock/public_html/plugins/_mytags.plugin.php on line 118


Despite the warning, using the first option, the plugin seems to be working, so how do I get rid of the warning which shows only in the back office?

UPDATE 2: AH! Modified Line 118 to $this->SkinBeginHtmlHead($params); i.e. without the & and the warning has gone, so Missing argument 1 is $params

All seems good for now. Can someone confirm this is the correct solution not just a fluke:

Oops! Yes it's fluke in that any $variable will do. ???

4 Jul 12, 2016 01:38

Your "Update 2" seems correct.

5 Jul 12, 2016 06:07

But any variable $name will do when calling the function, is that right?

Oh! and got the Turingtest_plugin back up and working with the & $params solution


6 Jul 12, 2016 14:58

No, the correct variable to use is $params even if anything else //appears// to also work.

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