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1 Apr 24, 2019 23:47    

I keep getting the .htacces || sample.htaccess do not match warning.

Basically when I ftp .htacces which is 3.1K on my win 10 it is seen as 3K on my server
............. when I ftp sample.htacces which is a copy at 3.1K it is seen on the server as 3.1k

Spoke to the host (unix/windows issue) ??????????????

To get this to work I have to transfer .htaccess which changes from 3.1K (3.04K) to 3k (3.04K) Then I have to rename it sample.htaccess and then ftp .htaccess again. The both are seen as 3K on the server and the warning goes

2 Apr 25, 2019 00:45

I used to see some differences between local and web server regarding the htaccess, then I realized that depending on whether we change or not some settings available on the cPanel (password protect folders, activate SSL, ...) or even the domain panel (redirect settings etc..) these can generated some output to the current htaccess, which is normal, and usually don't cause issues.

I would suggest you to compare side by side to look for the differences, and share it here if possible. In my case I remember having some lines added that relate to folders starting with dot "."

The warning here is that we have to be careful when uploading a local htaccess to the web server, as we can potentially be overwriting the current settings and doing so disabling some settings that we previously activated (please someone correct me if I'm wrong).

3 Apr 25, 2019 11:38


I would suggest you to compare side by side to look for the differences,

The problem is only in the the status reading, the files are identical at 3.04K
No final space etc. and if I change the file name all is OK ??? That is change it on the server

For reasons yet to be revealed, after ftping .htaccess it is read as 3K on the server.
If I change the name to sample.htaccess before ftping it is read as 3.1K
I gave up talking to my host about it as I was getting nowhere, but will badger them again soon. :)

Your last statement about the dangers is notable :)

4 Apr 26, 2019 13:01

If you want truly identical files, unaltered by FTP, use the filemanager from your webhost and copy sample.htacess to .htaccess .

If you want to understand how FTP changes your files, read about FTP text mode and lien endings.

5 Apr 26, 2019 13:18

Thanks ??

I am still struggling to see how the same file copied on my pc only with a different file name is changed via fttp, but will endeavour to find what the issue is.

6 Apr 26, 2019 22:13

Because FTP has a text mode which does NOT transfer the file byte for byte. It tries to be "smart" and change the file for you, to "convert it" from windows to linux.

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