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1 May 01, 2019 14:42    

SORTED duplicate slug message NOT!

Not much of a problem.

When I create a new post and change the name before savingI get a duplicate message about changing the slug.

Wondering where this message is generated so I can look into it?
On investigating and copying the text for a search I noticed to, my embarrassment, that the messages are a little different

slug for Post
slug for Slug ??

The automatic creation of a slug before saving.
Alternative is. if (none manually entered on saving) then (use topic title)
Old skin from 2.4.
b2evo version irrelevant as it been happening for ????

By the way I didn't notice the stats graph on the home page before, is that new? I like it. Adds a bit of depth and colour.

2 May 02, 2019 00:26

Actually, that graph widget has been automatically added by the upgrade script to v 6.11 ;)

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