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1 Nov 04, 2018 10:12    


by rereading an older post I recognized that an anchor results in a 404 Page. After logging in I tested it again and the anchor worked. So I logged of and tried again. Same problem. The anchor links to a draft page. The anchor should call a paragraph on the same page which is public. Seems, that while rendering from anywhere an external address is added.

Here is the anchor
((#OffenerBrief "Offener Brief"))
logged out it links to
instead of

the tag
<a class="anchor" name="OffenerBrief"></a>
(The anchor tag works pretty fine in case i call it in the address as:

How can I fix this?
Regards, Will

2 Nov 05, 2018 01:52

I'm logged out when I visit your page and when I click on "Offener Brief", it scrolls down fine.

3 Nov 05, 2018 09:23

@fplanque yes, now it works, because I edited the anchor, after I erased all caches. The problem probably comes after editing the post while other pages are in cache. That is, what I guess. I will have an eye on it. But for now, thanks for your answer.

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