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1 Aug 25, 2019 21:11    


is there a way to add class to anchor generated by auto-anchors plugin?
(E.g. it would be helpful using skins with sticky menu on top - for best a customization filed in for each collection would be great)

Thanks and Regards, Will

2 Aug 26, 2019 23:43


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • You did not provide a screenshot (as requested for support)
  • The description of your issue is too vague

3 Aug 27, 2019 10:19

@fplanque here you get the screenshots. I hope this will illustrate the problem.
(Skin = bricks_skin)

For manually setting anchors I use this class:

   height:100px; /* this is the height of your header */
   margin-top:-100px; /* this is again negative value of the height of your header */

Using this class, anchors bring headings or the anchored line beneath the sticky menu

4 Aug 29, 2019 00:06

@saunders What is the HTML code that is supposed to be styled by .anchor ? (Where do you want the anchor class to be applied in the source code of the page)

10 Feb 17, 2020 14:18

@yurabakhtin Anchor offset does not really work. Else what number of pixels I set, it remains the way, that the line, to which the anchor is set, remains hidden by sticky menu. I tried with 2000px and the result is the same as if set 1 px.

Here is the example:
This link reffers to "Hutchinson Drei Austria" and should show that line. But to see the line you'll have to scroll.

Thanks for a fix in advance, Will

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