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1 Dec 09, 2019 00:02    


after upgrading to 6.11.4 thumbnails although thought to be shown in a line are ordered in a row. Thats anoying.
If I want to order thumbnails in a row I'll use <p> oder <br /> and close with clearfix.
Now in all my sites the layout is damaged, because all thumbnails are ordered in a row, line after line.

In this way the update makes layout of thumbnails worse.

Problems with thumbnail order after upgrading to 6.11.4

Could anyone fix this strange behavior?

A year ago, in Dez 2018 there happened a similar problem- see: It was fixed. But now it is back in the recent version.

Thanks and Regards, Will

3 Dec 09, 2019 12:07

@amoun you can reproduce this simple by adding images to a page and adding them by inserting inline.
The example given above is taken from the actual demo version of b2e form b2e account.
You can see the code above in the screenshot, sec. 2
It may be caused by rendering
<p>[thumbnail:p230][thumbnail:p231]</p> is shown as
That is not the same, especially not, if you attach value to layout.

4 Dec 09, 2019 14:24

Ha! Just wanted to see code.

<p>[thumbnail:p230][thumbnail:p231]</p> is shown as

So maybe you have auto P on.

For example when I create a list with the closing </li> on a new line, the begining of the list is indented, as I have an indent for new paragraphs.

5 Dec 09, 2019 15:32

@amoun can't belief that this is the reason. Everything was working fine, thumbs were shown properly until the upgrade to 6.11.3 or 4 - now - without toughing working pages, the thumbnails, originally ordered in a line were now ordered each in a line, like in a row. That is annoying.
The upgrade threw the layout of my page into confusion - even those I haven't edited for months.
(I checked my minutes. May be that this even happened by upgrading to 6.11.3 - I have not controlled after upgrading to 6.11.3) But before the problem did not exist.)

6 Dec 09, 2019 17:17

And try to place some text right beneath the image or thumbnail. - No chance. This is really annoying.

I hope that someone out of the DEV TEAM will fix this.

8 Dec 09, 2019 23:27

Ah! You found the culprit ~ an intrusive div

9 Dec 13, 2019 21:04

As I recognized not only thumbnails show strange rendering.

There also disappear images in pages -

I cannot check all the pages, to look for the effects of the bug.

I am annoyed, also because it seems that @fplanque and the DevTeam don't care any more about the support forum. Even upgrade related bugs are not supported sufficiently.
In consequence, I will stop upgrading, until there will be a really efficient information delivered about what changes, not just about some marketing nice aspects.
If free support is not possible any more, left for community support, the developers should say it clearly, understandable also for those who think about using b2e..That would be a strategic statement with consequences.

I am glad @fplanque shares this wonderful and awesome cms but without a minimum of dev support especially in case of upgrade related bugs, it is annoying.

In case there is no time for a support, please don't release a stable version,.in case you can't care about reported bugs. Publish these versions as e.g. RC. So anybody knows, upgrading is on his own risk and that it may be risky especially left alone with bugs.

10 Dec 14, 2019 02:32


If free support is not possible any more, left for community support, the developers should say it clearly, understandable also for those who think about using b2e..That would be a strategic statement with consequences.

The intro to support reads

Below are the community support forums. In respect for the volunteers giving their time & expertise for support,

So it is pretty clear that 'the developers' are not part of the support forums as you would like, but they clearly do browse the forums and chip in when they have time and consider it useful. So I don't see that they 'should' do any more.

The problem you outline as "There also disappear images in pages -" really doesn't give me much to work with, not that I necessarily can, will or want to resolve it, but it clearly isn't a helpful or an encouraging comment to any user on this forum to work with ~ I think. :(

11 Dec 14, 2019 02:43

Hi @saunders
Further to my last response to you
a) did you sort the thumbnail layout as you want
b) the complaint about support would be better out of ther thread and posted under
c) can you describe this 'new' problem "There also disappear images in pages -" as it's frustrating to try and guest what you mean. Maybe a new topic on the issue would be useful :)

12 Dec 14, 2019 10:55

@amoun Developers normally want many users to upgrade to new versions and give feedback especially according to related bugs. This is a generic way to improve software. If there are many users who use the software for different purposes - forums, websites, etc.pp - and challenge the software in different ways, the feedback gives valuable input and should be estimated by the proponents and developers of the software.

When I post bugs or give feedback towards problems, also asking for new features etc. I feel as part of the team (dev+community) who contributes to making the software even more user-oriented. That's why I take the time to describe problems and bugs as precisely as possible for a non-professional, take screenshots, etc. It is a give and take.

The community here is too small for a relevant pool of users who are willing to give support and who are insiders enough to really know codes of b2e. Most don't have the equipment for detecting and fixing bugs in a time effective way. (Have a look at the forum, have a look at the actors. You'll find many unanswered messages and also complaints about this.)

13 Dec 14, 2019 11:23


Whereas I agree with you 99% the issue I have is making a complaint about the general service you expect and ultimately receive in a topic about a specific problem and for example how these last few posts are off topic, which make it uncomfortable to read.

So the question, which ideally would be another topic is about
"There also disappear images in pages -"

That you " . . cannot check all the pages, to look for the effects of the bug." is irrelevant in that a) no one expects you too and b) what you mean is you can't be bothered. Well I imagine no-one would do that, but a better description of the problem may pull someone in to see if there is a bug or it's a user issue, skin issue etc.

Maybe there could be a separate forum for complaints about the free service :)

If you want to continue the support issue please message me, but let's not continue this in a topic like this. It is very distracting. I look at the topics to see if I can help and find this off topic issue, it's a little off putting :(

So give what you will and take what you want.

14 Dec 14, 2019 14:20

@amoun consequently, please stop commenting on what you think does not belong to this tread.
I won't specify the fact that after the upgrade images disapeared. It is related with the bug described in the first comment of this thread. Why should I? No one cares out of the proponent's and no fix is to be expected.

So, @amoun, please don't answer to this. See the tread closed. I'll stop contributing to this forum and will try to get the bugs fixed, may be by stepping back to the older version 6.11.3 - I am really annoyed.

After having used b2e since 2006 now I am really demotivated and angry

15 Dec 15, 2019 03:31

I confirm there is a problem with thumbnails in 6.11.4. Will be fixed in 6.11.5.

16 Jan 17, 2020 13:50

@fplanque When will 6.11.5 be published?
The messed page layouts by setting div="clearfix" after each thumbnail need to be fixed. I am suffering ;-) - Are there fixed files on github which I can use?

19 Jan 19, 2020 02:38


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • You are on the FREE support forum. Our time is not unlimited. Please don't ask us to research things you can research yourself.
  • I recommend you make a full upgrade.

22 Feb 13, 2020 22:54

@fplanque so sorry, but thumbnails don't work in that way they did in 6.11.3. There is an improvement in the text that flutters around the thumbnails. But the thumbnails that should be displayed side by side are displayed in a column below each other.

fig. 1 shows the way thumbnails are ordered in a column (not as intended side by side)

fig. 2 shows the editor window (wysiwyg)

fig. 3 shows the code

Thumbnails, side by side do not really work.
In case I want to show two thumbnails (small) an a text flattering around.
Until 6.11.3 this was possible and simple to handle. Now it is not.

Is there a way to fix it without waiting for the next release?

Thanks and Regards

23 Feb 14, 2020 00:45

@saunders you can specify a CSS class that applies clear:none to your thumbnails.

24 Feb 14, 2020 09:29

@fplanque so I do have to edit all posts and add to each thumbnail this special css?
Could you please tell me in what file (and where) clearfix rules that behaviour.
It may be less time-consuming to delete clearfix line for all thumbnails there and add clearfix as needed.

25 Feb 14, 2020 16:05

so I do have to edit all posts and add to each thumbnail this special css?

No, you can make a general CSS rule in your skin CSS.

BUT do you really have multiple thumbnails in a row in "all posts" ?

Could you please tell me in what file (and where) clearfix rules that behaviour.

There is no clearfix on thumbnails. The clearfix comes with your [include:].

26 Feb 14, 2020 19:59

@fplanque I tried to use CSS clear:none in three different collections (one installation). In two of the three collections that works. But in one collection there is a really strange behavior.
Logged in the thumbnails are ordered as intended side by side.
Logged out the thumbnails do not work as intended, ordered as if there is no clear:none

In style.css I added the following lines

.noc {

The thumbnails are coded as: [thumbnail:65:medium:left:.noc .image-border]

Analysing the image by webdeveloper the short tag is rendered as:

<img title="Der Frauenbund schmückt die Kohlbauerkapelle in Wegscheid für Fronleichnam" alt="Der Frauenbund schmückt die Kohlbauerkapelle in Wegscheid für Fronleichnam" src="" class="evo_thumbnail evo_thumbnail__left noc  image-border" width="144" height="192">

In screenshots:
fig 1 shows the intended behavior, logged in
fig 2 shows that it does not work after logging out.


To avoid being misled, i waited two hours, emptied the browser cache several times and tried different browsers. The problem persists.

What is going on and how can I fix this?

After some checks I realized, that clear:none works in case I add the css to style.css of cookie_consent_plugin - How strange.

28 Feb 15, 2020 15:40

@fplanque I updated the min.css files.

The problem is, that since I have upgraded to 6.11.5 the collection needs the css for clear:none noted in styles.css of the cookie_consent_plugin folder (not in the styes.css stored unter files of the collection)
This seems to be a strange behavior, because I did not set paths or changes anything else. This may be a bug in cache management. I noticed, that the consuent cookie is set twice when logging in.

To be clear:
When logged in, the page finds .noc in style.css as expected from files, but also in cookie_consent_plugin and uses that.) Fig. 1
When logged out, the page only finds .noc in style.css of cookie_consent_plugin Fig. 2

29 Feb 15, 2020 18:58

I updated the min.css files.

Then clear your caches and you don't need .noc any more, anywhere.

30 Feb 15, 2020 20:02

@fplanque Updated the min.css files. Deleted the css clear:none in both "style.css" - cleared all caches and it works pretty fine. Thanks!

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