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1 Oct 19, 2019 22:18    

b2evo-bluehost problems
b2evo-bluehost problems
b2evo-bluehost problems

@fplanque - The record no doubt is filled with my reports. This morning I re-created an install using the automatic install methods on blue host.
the only change made to the default install was the password.
Using this login will allow you to see the resulting site.

b2evo-bluehost problems
When you navigate to to the "system" page, please note the slow loading. When there you will see this page.
Please note the panel that say downloads/updates from b2evo is disabled. I have been unsuccessful in finding what creates this. Bluehost says it is a b2evo code problem. I suspect it is a server setting.
Also that opcache is "none" as well as user cache is "none". Blue host says that these are included in php 7.3. However the does not show these extensions are activated. I'm not knowledgable enough to dispute this. Your opinion is appreciated.

b2evo-bluehost problems

Navigate now to the "antispam" page When you click on the upgrade button you get this message

b2evo-bluehost problems
Here is the error log

IMHO, you should be interested in this set of problems. If someone (some bluehost customer) wants to use b2evo this is what they will encounter. I have noted that there is some concern about low rating. Could this problem be part of the reason.

I have the identical problems in my websites and don't know how to solve them without your help. If you wish to communicate directly (not on the forum) I'm up for that.


3 Oct 20, 2019 04:52

No it is not offered, I would love to have a table of extensions like that so i could pick and choose but not so.

4 Oct 20, 2019 09:55

I'm wondering?
Do you not have cPanel or you do but the php extension isn't available.?

Have you run the phpinfo.php file to see what extension you have running?

You could also create a test file to play with the APC to see if it does exist and does as expected.

The functions available can be seen at

5 Oct 20, 2019 10:55

Looking at your OPCache and user cache status

I note from

There is no need for APC (or any of the similar sort of bytecode caching extensions like XCache) as of PHP 5.5 and later. The PHP developers directly integrated what they call OPCache into the core of the product.

If you run the phpinfo.php file you should get confirmation or :(


If you can't see the Zend OPcache section or Opcade Caching is disabled you may like to look at

6 Oct 20, 2019 20:36

@amoun To answer the question.
I have Cpanel , but there is no list of extensions that are available for users to choose.
I have run phpinfo.php several times and you can also

I expect to see opcache listed as other extension are, but I do not see it.

I just got the first and second comments and I intend to explore you suggestions.

There remains the question of how is b2evo affected by the "none" values for opcacheing and user cacheing

The information about the inclusions in php 7.3 is very important.


7 Oct 20, 2019 20:54

Hi wrc
Clearly you don't have use of apcu or the Zend OPCache so that's host problem. So though they may be installed what has BlueHost said about enabling them?


In your cpanel do you have options to change php version?

I can clarify that after disabling apcu and Zend OPCache I can still update the antispam list with no problem other than it is still the old date.

8 Oct 21, 2019 17:39

@amoun and to all that may be reading this string, I was finally notified, by bluehost, that they will not support opcache or APCu unless the account is a VPS. Ie they are not friendly to b2evolution at basic account levels.

I have installed demos of both b2evo 6.11.3 and 7.0.2 on several php 7+ versions with the same (not friendly) results.

The only problem left (that can be addressed) is the antispam update issue. The question to the b2evo community is simple. Is the antispam utility actually useful and worth the grief of solving the problem? @amoun and I have experienced is that the database for this utility is an old date. Is this because it is not used or an error in the coding.

A question to @fplanque; Should bluehost be supported as a possible host when they don't support recommended utility? IMHO, it is asking for unwanted problems.

BTW, A2 Hosting does not support APC and APCu at basic levels - to their credit they make that clear in their website.

I'm on the hunt for another, more b2 evo friendly and supporting host. Are there any recommendations?

9 Oct 21, 2019 17:42

To the b2evo gurus. I remain a big fan of b2evolution!

10 Oct 21, 2019 23:24

Why do you use Blue host? Is it free or dirt cheap.
My reseller account, in the UK (more expensive maybe) is

UK servers Legislation under GPDO Eu law

On the antispam issue. Sure it would be nice to know why it doesn't work though I expect it's a Bluehost block. However I've never bothered with an update until your post(s) so i also question it's usefulness. :)

11 Oct 22, 2019 00:49

The decisions to use them precedes me. I have no love of bluehost! This entire issue of php extensions could have been resolved a month ago had they told me what they did today. In fact I am very angry about it because I have spent whatever capitol I may have had with the b2evo community trying to resolve it. As I have suggested to @fplanque, I think they should be removed from the recommended list.

If you are happy with your host I am going to look at them. I am also considering A2Hosting and they look good based on their turbo servers.

I have concluded that we are moving but in the meantime, I want to solve the antispam issues and I would like to rule out b2evo as the culprit. Do you have an opinion on the screenshot of the error log that I attached earlier.

12 Oct 22, 2019 14:23

I want to solve the antispam issues and I would like to rule out b2evo as the culprit. Do you have an opinion on the screenshot of the error log that I attached earlier.

Not yet and am too busy to look :(

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