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1 Dec 11, 2019 00:34    

So I installed b2evolution 6.11.4-stable and download the business blog skin 7.3.5 It says it works with V6 which it has before but no I get a message saying it's unsupported.
Is there a skin that works with 6.11.4 and does a grid/masonary layout?

2 Dec 11, 2019 00:53

And I just tried the STAIN Theme, its either the old version or unsupported. Does anything work this this B2Version? This is beyond frustrating

3 Dec 13, 2019 18:34

Hi @mikes

Does anything work this this B2Version? This is beyond frustrating

The skins you download i.e. not the deafult ones provided are not a part of b2evolution and whether they work or not on your site are down to a number of things. a) The version of b2evo, and your php version etc b) The author's ability to allow for your software.

RE The Business Blog Skin

I also got the following from the download page > More button

Update Log:
v7.3.4-stable :: Optimized for b2evolution 7.x

v6.3.5-stable :: Optimized for b2evolution 6.3.x to 6.x.x

However 7.3.5 is the recent version

Testing 7.3.5 on my 6.11.4

First :: Installing version 7.3.5 of the skin on version 6.11.4 of b2evo gives me this

Second :: Clicking on the Upgarde Now button and enabling the skin gives me this

Third :: Appling the skin to one of my blogs and I get

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function widget_container() in /home/calstock/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.5/ Stack trace: #0 /home/calstock/public_html/inc/skins/_skin.funcs.php(2105): require() #1 /home/calstock/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.5/posts.main.php(38): skin_include('') #2 /home/calstock/public_html/inc/ require('/home/calstock/...') #3 /home/calstock/public_html/cabin/index.php(35): require('/home/calstock/...') #4 {main} thrown in /home/calstock/public_html/skins/business_skin-7.3.5/ on line 29

If you have the 6.3.5 version in your skins directory as well as the 7.3.5 and you go to install you will be asked to downgrade as both skins have the same name ~ you can't install both and by downgrading the Business Skin to 6.3.5 all is fine

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