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1 Jan 31, 2020 20:44    

At the bottom of posts, there's meta like the flag icon for flagging, Created by author-name, Last Edited date, View history, Propose Changes.

Is there a way I can turn off "Created by" and "Last edited by" and maybe "View history"? I don't need them for my Manual type collections. I'm the only author/editor.

I do want to keep the flag icon and propose changes.

2 Feb 01, 2020 10:05

Hi @poorboy2

I often to add css [display:none] in my skin/***/style.css for each ID of objetcs I want to not display

Alternatively you can copy the skin as a custom skin and edit out the offending or unwabted objects, which I do when it is to be permanent.

3 Feb 01, 2020 16:20

I do that too at times but in this case "Created by" & "Last edit by" are kind of hard coded. They do end up inside a <p tag but so does the flag icon which I want to keep. I can hide my user name x2 but end up with "Created by * Last edit by on Jan 21, 2020".

The whole line comes from a widget but turning it of, I lose the flag.

I tried commenting out code I see for it in but it's still picking up the info from somewhere it seems. "Created by" phrase is only found in, a few language files and the _item_small_print.widget.php file which is a core file in the /inc/widgets/widgets/ folder.

For before I start tweaking language files and hiding things with css, I figured I'd check to see if there's a way to do it in the back-office, like unticking a box, and I'm just not finding it.

Only thing you can do with the widget is give it a title and change it between Blog style and Revisions style. Blog style doesn't have Propose change which I wouldn't mind keeping.

I have a feeling it was something that originally came from but has been moved to a widget somewhat recently in the effort to widgetize everything.

Maybe the version 7 widget has options for which items get displayed. I'm running the latest stable which is 6.11.4 right now. (tagged with 6.11.1 so I think it may be fairly new)

I can live with it as is. Just trying to do as clean a design as I can and most of that Small Print info, I don't need.

4 Feb 01, 2020 16:41

Haa, there's a similar widget with more options that allows me to show just the flag.

No propose changes but in reality, that would probably never get used in my case. Just the flag will do nicely and it's so small, I can put it anywhere For that matter, I can put one at the top of the post and another at the bottom.

5 Feb 04, 2020 20:26

Come to find out, there's a new feature, Templates where you can build your own custom Info Line.

Collection >> Settings >> Templates.

6 Feb 04, 2020 22:33

That feature is far from final but yes, that's the idea.

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