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1 Oct 20, 2019 23:44    

In the docs it says use WP "export" and b2evo "import". I have the export from WP. The only import I can find offers regions, sub-regions and cities.

My poor old editor has worked very hard for well over a year to build the Hereticus Economicus blog and isn't at all happy about me moving it. I really am fed up to the back teeth with administering WP but I can't stand seeing my editor in so much pain.

Please, somebody, tell me it's still possible to import a WP blog without individually picking out and pasting them from the mysqldump I took as a precaution?

That will make both my editor and me very happy. At least for now. :-)

Incidentally, the last forum query on this topic was a couple of years ago when the import tag did, by the look of it, really import an exported WP blog.

3 Oct 22, 2019 00:41

Hmmm. That went well. See error-screen.pdf and scroll down to see the errors.

Another piece (screenshot):


4 Oct 22, 2019 01:40

The screenshot is useful, the PDF is useless (if it's a different error, please screenshot it).

About the screenshot:

  • look into your XML file if it has a blank line or something like that before the content starts.
  • if you want, you can send it to me through private message and we'll investigate

5 Oct 22, 2019 01:59

Yes please. I've just looked through it briefly and can't see anything wrong. There are blank lines between paragraphs in individual posts but they should be there. I can't see any way within the PM system to attach the XML file so I've zipped it - it was 2.8MB, about a year of blog posts - and uploaded it here.

6 Oct 22, 2019 02:04

@dominame I downloaded the file and removed it from your post to avoid it being picked up by some bots that will repost the contents on various internet websites.

I do see there is a blank line before <?xml . You should remove it.

I cannot do more checks right now ( 2 a.m. here )

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