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1 Feb 24, 2021 00:43    

Hi All,
I am new here and back after a long time. Just did a fresh install of without any demo data or sites.

I went in an tried creating a new collection, filled in the details and when i attempt to save, it throws me out to the login page. I can create new users, change site settings etc but can't create a collection.

any help? Are others having anything similar? Not sure how to debug it but haven't touched any setting apart from the base install.

I tried renaming sample.htaccess to .htaccess (in additional to the base install) which i thought was required for the rewrite to work.

Thanks for your help.

2 Feb 24, 2021 13:00

HI @nabster

More detail would be interesting, and no such issue reported elsewhere as far as I can tell.

You could provide the url of your site, the php version etc as requested for initial help, also though you say you tried creating a new collection you didn't say how.

Have you tired either a fresh install and maybe with demo stuff..

Basically you've provided very little detail on what you have tried and so it's nigh on impossible to suggest what to do other than to walk you through the whole setup from scratch to see if you may have missed an option.

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