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Can't upload images, server dropped the connection

Started by on Aug 01, 2017 – Contents updated: Aug 02, 2017

Aug 01, 2017 23:43    

When adding a new post, using the Images & Attachments Panel , I try to upload images but the following error message comes over:
upload error, server dropped the connection
The same happens in the media library...

Aug 02, 2017 20:29

@csaba a screenshot may be useful.

It sounds like a server issue. Just a little test: please find the script attached, uncompress it into the same directory of your b2evolution installation, go to http://yourdomain/upload.php and try to upload the same file you're uploading into the b2evolution's back-office (the script will just create a new "upload" folder and copy all the files you upload in it).

Please, let us know the results.



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