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1 Mar 04, 2017 18:06    

I have searched the support forum for an answer and cannot find one so here goes.

my blog
Ark template and latest version of B2Evo ( i update regularly)

My posts teasers shows on blog page but when i click to read the post the page does not return the blog content... just the title.

I can click edit and the entire post is there. If I preview I also onloy see topic..

there is a little Form Loading progress bar but the form does not load.

Any ideas?

2 Mar 04, 2017 22:53

Hi @gsicard, first two options:

  1. As a test, set a different skin and try to load any post in the front-office again.
  2. Turn on debug mode and review the output looking for a "weird" error/warning message. Share it here so we help you checking it.

Do you use any third-party plugin on your site?

3 Mar 04, 2017 23:20

Thank you.. I switched skin from Ark to Mystique and am able to read my posts. Ark and Business skins have the issues.

Debug brute force method gave this error just below where my content should be.
"Notice: Undefined variable: debug_jslog in /home/pathtomysite/htsrv/anon_async.php on line 46"

I will unistall the Ark skin and try again.
Thank you very much

4 Mar 05, 2017 22:00

@gsicard it would be interesting to find out where the problem is. Your site seems to work with a third-party (not frequently updated) skin, but not with the most updated ones.

Do you use any third-party plugin?

Something weird with the notice you're getting. There should be a $debug_jslog variable at config/_advanced.php. Have you touched that file to include your own customisations?

5 Mar 08, 2017 01:47

Indeed, please check if your config/_advanced.php is up to date and includes all the variables it should have.

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