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1 Mar 05, 2017 09:24    

I'm trying to install the latest version. When I go to call the install script, I get the error in the subject line. Does anyone know what's wrong?


2 Mar 05, 2017 22:56

@loobyloo it sounds like there are some missing core files in your new location (/home/[...]/public_html/new/). Please, make sure that you uploaded all of them.

Just as a reference, the file where the missing class is inc/_core/__core.init.php. So that's the first thing you should check.

3 Mar 06, 2017 12:58

Thank you mgsolipa -- I assumed that the ftp upload client would upload all the files but for some strange reason it's skipped a few.

5 Mar 06, 2017 21:41

No I forgot my password and had it reset, then all of a sudden, I have a double! :)

When I first installed b2 I did it manually, from 3.3.3. Then a couple of weeks ago my site got --- I don't know the word -- hacked? exploited? -- and my hosting company said that there is "malicious activity" going on from my account, so they took my site down. They listed four corrupted files, one of which was _basic.config.php, which when I went to view it, looked like a long encrypted email rather than a nice polite php file with all the indents and gracefulness :)

I am very surprised, given the small number of readers I have -- and want-- that anyone would think it worthwhile trying to get into my site.

I wish that file upload programs would be a bit more reliable. I use gtfp and I don't understand why it doesn't upload all your files.

Edit -- hosting company is of course not b2e. It's

6 Mar 07, 2017 21:11

All right, so the hacked site was b2evolution version 3.3.3? BTW, hackers usually upload encrypted code that looks as you mention :P

There are many FTP clients. I use FileZilla from many years now and I would recommend it, however, I have also faced some messes uploading files to servers.

7 Mar 07, 2017 21:21

Yes it was 3.3.3 that got hacked. I've finally upgraded to the latest stable version and it feels a lot more secure.

I've also changed to Filezilla -- gtfp hasn't had a new release for a long time and it's stopped remembering states between sessions.

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