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1 Feb 02, 2019 18:59    

1) I noticed this on a [Bootstrap Manual] skin as I tried to name a category by year :: 2019 :: and I received a 404 error I used y2019 instead.
As the site is not public I tried in on one that ishttp://

I added categories (111, 234, a111, a234 and 1a2b) you can see them in the right hand column under the section [Fields]

Category names cannot be a number (all digits)
2) On this website I do not get a 404 error message :: see next image. (This is separate problem which I can consider later if it is an issue)
Category names cannot be a number (all digits)

2 Feb 03, 2019 00:16

Categories cannot be all digits because in that case b2evo sees it as a date. This is the corollary of having b2evo decode almost any URL even if you changed your folder/category nesting.

We'll fix the bug that should show a clean 404 instead.

3 Feb 03, 2019 10:34

Is there info in the docs that state a category cannot be all digits and would it be a good idea to have the field checked as it is used so a warning would arise if all digits are used?

Have removed categories as described in post #1 so images are not relevant.

5 Feb 03, 2019 15:22

Thanks again.

Starting with a digit is fine but all digits is not
So 1a2b is ok but 1234 is not.

Have commented on the doc

Attached image on following post

Category Edit Form

The category slug must start with a letter. It cannot be all numbers. This is so b2evolution’s URL decoder can easily differentiate between categories and dates, when a url ends in something like .../2134/.

Created by fplanque • Last edit by fplanque on Feb 03, 2019

7 Feb 03, 2019 16:58

yes but the spec is that all slugs must start with a letter.

8 Feb 03, 2019 19:42

OK :)
what is The spec?

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