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Could anyone explain the concept of "content block"?

Started by on Nov 30, 2017 – Contents updated: Dec 03, 2017

Nov 30, 2017 17:11    

I found no notice in the manual and nothing within the support forum.
Is it possible to add a content block to a specific post or to specific posts with a certain tag …

I know that the capacities of the dev team are limited - but it would be great to keep the manual up to date ;-)
It would also be really helpful if you could offer a filter in the support forum according the versions of b2e. It is not really comfortable to scroll through search results dating back to the early versions. May be that solutions to older versions work with newer ones but to try a hack or work around offered for version 2.x in 6.9.3 seems to be risky ;-)

I know that such works aren't sexy for developers, but they have to be done to serve users needs and required usability (hope you estimate clear and direct feedback ;-)

Regards and Thanks

Dec 01, 2017 02:59

There you go:

Search on version number would be extremely difficult because it would require tagging all the posts of the forums. However we are rolling out search filters soon which will allow to filter on the date. I think it should do the trick.

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