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1 Jul 03, 2019 23:01    

There is an issue highlighted by @saunders in post

If In-skin editing is not activated and I call e.g. the dashboard opens an also a new Entry for a post.
If a post is edited in dashboard contents all, there is also a way to click "proposed changes" - and here the selected post can be saved under proposed, is proposed to accept or reject. - Thats how I understand proposed Changes.>
So may be that in case of not activated In-skin editing option some information is missing; nevertheless the opening of a new entry in the dashboard and offering to save it, not only to propose it, is irritating. That should IMHO not happen.

In that post I confirmed that a blank 'new post' page is invoked when clicking on Propose Change from the Evo-bar whereas in the back office under Collections > All and clicking on a post the option works as expected.


This only works if In-skin editing is activated in In-skin Actions Settings and the user has permission to propose changes to an Item set in the Advanced User Permissions and Advanced Group Permissions.

Surely if it is not going to work in a 'non inskin' editing instance, for example, then the option should not be displayed. ?

Then there is the question of why it doesn't work unless the in-skin editing is enablked but works fine in the back office.

2 Jul 04, 2019 14:17

Can you please try to summarize with short , direct sentences without any extra poetry?

I understand "propose change" works in the back-office BUT not in the front-office.

  1. If you go to and try to propose a change, does it work or not?
  2. In your local tests, are you logged in as admin or with lesser permissions?

3 Jul 04, 2019 15:56

Extra poetry ??

  1. Yes Once I have selected a post
  2. Logged in as admin.

To the first critique.

a) With in-skin editing enabled it works as expected.

b) Without in-skin editing enabled
i) I still get the option in the evo_bar to Propose change but it brings up a blank [New post] back office screen.
ii) If I go to a post via Collections > All and select a post the Propose change option works, although given that the Docs say it will only work whilst in-skin editing is enabled, is not expected.

Regarding b)i) above
As there is the case where there is no option to 'Propose change' in the evo_bar due to not being allowed or viewing a post the option is not displayed. So the thinking goes it, Why show it when in-skin editing in not enabled and it doesn't work - so there is a defunct option.

Plus why does in bring up a 'New post' scenario?

Hope all that isn't too poetic or pathetic :)

4 Jul 04, 2019 16:20

This feature is supposed to work even if it sends you to the backoffice.

If it doesn't work for you please make a proper bug report:

  • You did not provide a screenshot (as requested for support)
  • The steps / settings needed to reproduce the problem are unclear
  • You did not provide the exact version of b2evolution you are using (as requested for support)
  • Please use short sentences
  • If you cant help it and need to make unnecessarily long sentences with a lot of ideas instead of breaking them into separate short sentences, as requested above, and in respect for the reader's sanity, please, if I may ask, consider, just once, to re-read your extra long sentences, which you should not write in the first place, to double-check, as any writer should do, if they have proper punctuation and no typos. Get my point?

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