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1 Mar 23, 2020 18:00    

when using /?disp=proposechange I get this error:

I copied _proposechange.disp.php into the skin folder. But the error message did not change and did not bring dis=proposechange to work.
How can I fix this?

3 Mar 29, 2020 23:49

Can you reproduce this with one of the default skins?

4 Mar 30, 2020 10:22

yes, I can reproduce this using skin bootstrap_blog v6.11.4
I can reproduce the bug on demo version Blog A at
The error message is the same.

("In-skin change proposal:" is activated in any mentioned case)

5 May 08, 2020 00:24

OK, you cannot actually call ?disp=proposechange without passing a &p= param.

The correct links to propose a change can be displayed by the Item Small Print widget.

6 May 08, 2020 09:57

so; there is no way, to generate a list of posts containing proposed changes?

To illustrate that question:
If I want to get an overview of images (almost of those added to a post] I can use ?disp=mediaidx (This is a way to keep an eye on)

Although the post for which a proposed change was created should normally be edited promptly, it happens from time to time that I just forget about it.
Now there is no way to get an overview of the pending proposed changes (except by database queries). But that would be fine.

So I suggest a new feature that shows a list of posts with unprocessed proposed changes under ?disp=proposechange (without &p=ID).

7 May 08, 2020 16:07

so; there is no way, to generate a list of posts containing proposed changes?

Indeed there is no way at this point. But you receive email notifications for each proposed change.

8 May 08, 2020 16:33

I suppose finding the value in the database and then listing the posts would be the way to go ~ when and if I have the inclination :)

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