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1 May 08, 2020 11:54    

Ok I get the following error.

disp=postidx ~ Wasn't working : NOW FIXED :)

Upgraded to 6.11.7 and same error

2 May 09, 2020 04:12

Stupid question, are you using the correct php?

3 May 09, 2020 07:12

Well ~ php 7.3.17

Does that mean it's working for you?

I was about to upgrade to b2evo 7.1.5 but you've kept me interested :)

Thanks lol

EDIT Hmmm! Don't like the look of DES and not DESC

4 May 09, 2020 07:51

OK :)

Thanks @mikes

You got me looking and it was the DES

In June 2019 I put a [ _postidx.disp.php ] file in my skin to play with, in response to, and I made the error DES instead of DESC ~ shows how little I use the disp=postidx

skin_widget( array(
		// CODE for the widget:
		'widget' => 'coll_post_list',
		// Optional display params
		'block_start' => '',
		'block_end' => '',
		'block_display_title' => false,
		'order_by' => 'title',
		'order_dir' => 'DES',
		'limit' => 19,
		'page' => param( 'coll_post_list_paged', 'integer', 1 ),
	) );

I'd like to emphasise that people with @mikes attitude of offering help quickly, even if not a direct solution, is incredibly helpful in that it a) shows others do read the queries and care and b) it's an incentive to look at the problem deeper.

So without flogging a reindeer. Thanks again @mikes and all the other elves that help out, even when it's not Christmas, or Ramadan or Holi or any other celebratory excuse people use to be helpful.

5 May 09, 2020 17:37

Im glad I could kind of help but not really. :-)

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