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1 Apr 02, 2020 01:35    

Error in System log

Hello everyone!
Since I made changes to my hosting server, I have received error messages in the system log.
This message is as follows:

A redirection to an external URL was blocked for security reasons.

My server is configured as having ( as the main domain, so each site that I will host will have a subdomain (, even if it has a top domain configured. My site that has received this error message in the system log, has the following domain ( which is an add-on domain that uses the subdomain ( However, b2evolution has started to block for security reasons.
I would like to know, how to solve this problem and make b2evolution understand that the subdomain is safe. Although I added the domain in question as safe in "Referring domains", the problem still persists, which makes me believe that there is still something to be done.

So I come here and ask for help to solve this problem, because that way it cannot stay. Thanks!

PS: I would also like to know if these warnings have to do with the antispam plugin.

2 Apr 02, 2020 07:49

Thanks for providing some of the requested info :)

3 Apr 03, 2020 00:46

If anyone can tell me why and how I should proceed to not see this message sent by core, in my system log. I would be grateful, as this did not happen when the domain ( was the main domain on my server. For some reason, it started to behave like that after I moved the site to a subdomain and put the site address as an add-on domain.

Thank you!

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