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1 Jun 17, 2014 08:01    

I got this error in the log but have no clue how to fix it.

I think it is telling me that several of my posts have the wrong category ID??

[16-Jun-2014 16:10:02 America/Mexico_City] b2evolution error: Item with ID 161 has an invalid main category ID 10. in /insights/inc/items/model/_itemlight.class.php at line 712 / REQUEST_URI: /insight.php?tempskin=_rss2&disp=comments&p=161 / HTTP_REFERER: -

I also do not know what it means about tempskin since there is only the one available and no comments are set

b2evolution version
5.0.9-stable released on 05/15/14

thanks in advance

2 Jun 17, 2014 23:27

@darkangel that error is comming from a RSS request. Going to this URL you could check it live:

You are right, one of your posts (ID 161) is assigned to a wrong category (ID 10) so maybe you should go to this URL: admin.php?ctrl=items&action=edit&p=161, in the back-office, and make sure to assign it correctly.

This maintenance tool might also be useful to locate similar cases: Find all broken posts that have no matching category. You may find it at the Tools tab (

Regards !

3 Jun 18, 2014 13:15

Sorry for not coming in sooner but I got no notification of a reply. I get one maybe every other post.

I will try that, thank you.

4 Jun 18, 2014 13:25

wll I think I am still not doing something right. I went with that edit link and found the post. I unchecked the category and even created a new category/ticked the main radio button then placed a check mark in the area for the new category.

I then hit save and it saves it but there is still a pink line telling me it has the category wrong. I then go to that link again and it is like before but the new category is showing.

So is there something else I need to be doing. Sorry for not sounding to clear, am with a broken hand (the palm of my left hand) and only using an ace until it heals so not totally with it, not that I ever was totally with it...LOL

5 Jun 19, 2014 17:23

@darkangel are you able to manage the database directly? I mean, using phpMyAdmin or any other software like that.

The thing is that there is actually an issue when the main category is missing, so you will need to wait meanwhile a solution is released or modify the database manually.

Just a quick steps if you decide to do it now:

1. Go to the table evo_items__item
2. Find the post with ID = 161
3. Change the value of the field post_main_cat_ID (right now it is 10) by the new ID. Please check the screenshot to know how to find the categories' IDs.

6 Jun 19, 2014 17:26

Oops! I forgot the screenshot :D

7 Jun 19, 2014 18:00

@darkangel I just realized that there is a fourth step, you will need to modify the table evo_postcats too. This table has only two fields, you should search this: postcat_post_ID = 161, and modify the other field (postcat_cat_ID) to the desired value of the new category.

8 Jun 25, 2014 03:16

sorry for the delay...thanks I will do that. broken south paw does not help but not getting notification either is the pits.

thanks for putting up with me.

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