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1 Nov 25, 2014 02:22    

My *$!* server doesn't allow me to use cron. Yesterday, I planned a message for today, and notifications were never sent. Is it possible to trigger manually only one task at a time (and not all like now?) It's simply because I didn't want to wait for all tasks to be completed just because I need one. And I don't want to delete tasks, as I run them manually sometimes.

2 Nov 26, 2014 07:26

Hi @mel_t,

I'm afraid that is not possible yet, actually the browser interface is meant for testing purposes only and not to be used in a production server. However, if it's your only option, you should click on the link [Execute pending jobs in a popup window now!] ( at b2evo > System > Scheduler ), and just left the popup window opened and refreshing itself until there are no more pending jobs.


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