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1 Jun 28, 2020 16:10    

This issue relates to the use of this b2evo forum site ~ b2evolution 7.2.0-PRO-2020-06-15

UPDATED: ~ Failure to render » on Profile picture

I've extracted this issue from another post.

Using Firefox or Edge I get the above ~ the » is not rendering.

I used Firefox > Web Developer > Inspector where I can edit the code temporarily. Replaced it with   gives a space, re-typing » does give the double right. So it may be a character set issue, via my server ???

The expected result only occurs after I have made a change of character, it does not work if I just delete the existing » and re-type it. I have to actually type in the alternative, which was   and enter that ~ which effects a change, that alows the re-typed the » to render.??

UPDATED: ~ Failure to render » on Profile picture

I note anyway

Abuse of the right angle quote (») - HTML forum at ...
[Search domain]
This is the use of » as a substitute for a dingbat arrow or bullet. This glyph is really a kind of quote mark -- used in several non-English languages. So using it as a pointer (to the active selection in a menu, for instance) is really an abuse, and a growing one at that.

2 Aug 09, 2020 09:40

Exists on my production site running 7.1.6
On the downloadable version of 7.2.0β released on Released on July 29th, 2020.the problem has been resolved.

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