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1 May 26, 2020 11:35    

Am I missing something? I would like it to be obvious when a support query has been resolved, like maybe the icon could have a green color, background or tick. Or maybe even the tilte bar could have an icon at the begining.

This option would be available to moderators and the author of the query.

2 Sep 19, 2020 23:29

@amoun this feature is available in b2evolution 7.3. It will be be available here soon.

4 Sep 24, 2020 11:34

@amoun You should see buttons on this page now to mark the thread as resolved (and optionally mark the best answer).

There will also be checkmarks in the post list for resolved threads.

We still need to add checkmarks in the search results...

5 Sep 24, 2020 19:53

Ah! apart from the option to tag a post as sorted or moved on or pending etc I was hoping to see a flag or colour by the title when viewing [Recent Post] for example.
And I see no buttons on this topic. Am I missing something :)

6 Sep 24, 2020 20:12

@amoun It wasn't enabled properly for all Item types. You should see buttons now.


7 Sep 25, 2020 19:58

No doubt you and your colleagues are very busy so thanks for this extra mod. but I've yet to find any buttons :(

By the way top right implies shagged and shattered which may be the case with all the demands in this consumer world, but I'm thinking there may be an 'l' missing :)

8 Sep 27, 2020 01:48

Ah permission issues... we need to change the permission implementation :/

"Flagged" was easy to fix though ;)

9 Oct 06, 2020 00:42

Permission issue should be fixed, buttons should be visible... I hope :]

This thread is resolved.

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