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1 Sep 05, 2013 11:42    

I have a techie blog (4.1.x) that I also keep some personal entries on. When the visitor arrives at my main page ( ) they get all the entries on my blog as normal. However I would like to show a filtered list of entries instead of all of them. I have a category called Fun which contains all my personal stuff and would like entries from this category (and it's sub categories) not to be shown when accessing through the front/main page.

The blog is supposed to be technical and sometimes when people read the front page it's just entry after entry about my holidays instead of techie loveliness.

I thought about creating another blog and placing all the entries in there but I feel that it makes them too separate as I'd have to create separate categories, consolidate searches, etc.

Any ideas about what I can do about this.

2 Sep 05, 2013 16:42

Don't root your blog at the root of your site and use a "noskin" page for your home page where you can set all kinds of filterings as desired.

3 Sep 06, 2013 15:35

Thanks. I've found the a_noskin.php and had a look.
I can't see any configurations to restrict the posts by category or add filters. I've had a search to look for examples but couldn't find much on this site or via Google.
Is there something I've missed? Can you direct me to where I can find more information on this?

5 Sep 10, 2013 01:19

Found the list of possible values that can live in the a_stub.php file. Please can you clarify the documentation for "cat" and "catsel%5B%5D" on the following page, as it's impossible to be certain what it means!

Am I right in thinking that:

$cat = '-5';

will show articles not in category 5 and not in any of category 5's subcategories?

6 Sep 10, 2013 01:34

Yes this sounds absolutely right ;)

9 Sep 10, 2013 17:17

It appears to be broken in 5.0.5 as well. Can you check please.

10 Sep 11, 2013 12:57

I think the problem is in inc/collections/model/_category.funcs.php compile_cat_array()

I'd like to report this as a bug!

11 Oct 07, 2013 15:53

Is anyone able to confirm this?

12 Oct 07, 2013 20:44

Hi @davidnewcomb,

I confirm that something is going wrong when trying to exclude categories with minus ( - ). The development team will be reported about this. Thanks.

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