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1 Oct 06, 2013 23:24    

Now that b2 comes with bootstrap, why dont we change to a responsive design instead of a fixed design with a widescreen switch ?

Bootstrap 3.x is out, and many things changed together with classes.. It's a good time to make the transition i think. Bootstrap 3.x should be good for another year.

2 Oct 07, 2013 11:17

Hello @tilqicom,

Thanks for your suggestion, it will be added to the User Feature Requests.

3 Oct 15, 2013 00:10

@tilqicom when you talk about responsiveness, you mean at front-office skins or at back-office?

Developers are now working with bootstrap integration, but it would be great if you could extend a little bit more your idea in order to construct a solid request together.


4 Oct 18, 2013 22:59

I meant it for the frontend, but it'd be cool if you could do it for the backend too.. Any type of "switch / toggle" seems unnecessary and outdated to users these days, they expect you to find out their device & software capabilities and serve them the content accordingly.

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