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1 May 20, 2019 15:42    

I visit this site most often a few times a day and have a link to recent posts. When it's orange there's a number of posts I haven't seen, all well and good. I visit often so the number stays low and I can cope with viewing a few new or updated posts.

Well today there a spammy post so the buttons orange and to get rid of the orange I have to click on the post. I was hoping there was a way to just dismiss it..

I noticed the 'Flag' and that has now become the focus. I don't get it. I get the idea but not how it works.

For example all of the post have a white flag and if I hover over it, it says I have flagged the post, but I haven't and it says to unflag it I have to click on it.

Flags, Flagging, Spam and ??

So I got the the docs and it says quite the opposite ??

Flags, Flagging, Spam and ??
Flags, Flagging, Spam and ??

3 May 22, 2019 12:51

Sure I got it's not for spam, I just came across the issue mentioned where as in the first image where the pop up guide on hover states the item is already flagged and a) I didn't flag it and b) the second image shows the statement that only by clicking does the flag get registered. a) and b) don't tie up ??

4 May 22, 2019 13:22

Ah right, we'll fix that. Thanks.

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