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1 Mar 26, 2009 18:50    

I turned off user, shared, and skins directory via the Global settings -> Files tab. Sadly, this gives me an error:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/wonderw/public_html/v310/inc/files/model/_file.class.php on line 231

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/wonderw/public_html/v310/inc/files/model/_file.class.php on line 274

every time I hit any tab. Turning on the users directory option clears it.

Additionally, on the public side I get this message:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/wonderw/public_html/v310/inc/files/model/_file.class.php on line 231

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/wonderw/public_html/v310/inc/files/model/_file.class.php on line 274

Apparently I have to guess my way to what it wants of me. Being kinda sharp, I guess I have to delete every avatar image. As a user I can't select 'no avatar'. As system admin I can't turn off avatars via my global settings. So I have to delete them. That will let me turn off user directories, which is a feature I personally don't use.
I'm getting that everywhere an image was in use in a shared directory it seems, as turning that feature back on gets rid of the error. So now I have to delete all the images one by one because it won't let me delete the directories in the shared folder. And it won't let me delete images because they're linked to posts. So now I have to delete posts so I can delete images so I can delete folders so I can turn off shared directories. Deleting the two avatar files allows me to turn off user directories, but my profile *still* implies I can have an avatar.

Shared directories are next. Apparently I'm not allowed to delete a directory, or an image attached to a post. It doesn't tell me which post(s) the image is attached to - just that I can't delete the image because it has 2 linked items. So now I have to edit the posts to find those associated with images and break the association. Or delete the posts obviously, but hey why not go through 3 different post types on 4 sample blogs and open all the blue folder icons in different tabs. Thats my idea of a good "welcome to your new blog" experience :roll:

FINALLY I can turn off the directory options I don't want or need. I can't turn off the avatar feature though, so if that makes it through to an actual "stable" release I'll be the first one to hack it out.

So far v3 looks like nothing more than showing off how fancy-pants one can be. The wizzywig editor has no documentation. JUST GUESS is all you get to do. There is no way to see ALL the posts even if I'm what used to be the 'post list' tab.

5 flavors of "Intro" post-types? More showing off eh? Why can I not delete those post types? Turning on advanced permissions is still required for some reason, and doing so means any blogger with permission to post can write intro-type posts. Yeah that makes sense. Throw in a handful of extra features but don't bother giving the admin any control over them.

Hell the only type of post I'm allowed to edit or delete is good old fashioned "post". OMFG!

Turning off tinyMCE in my profile doesn't get rid of the wizzywig button?

Draft mode by default?

Did anybody actually test this thing?

2 Mar 27, 2009 00:32

EdB, thanks for the report about the notices. Yes, disabling the user media dir caused issues (notices) when avatars got used.
This is fixed now in CVS and for 3.1.x.

Re "Did anybody actually test this thing?": yes, it works on my main/own blog. The tinymce plugin has changed however quite alot since being assimilated by CVS/FP - but I like the changes, apart from the removal of the "?" icon (which did not provide real documentation though). What doc are you missing? You know that you can provide it by yourself and we would be happy to include it, when it follows your style of writing.. :)


3 Apr 02, 2009 14:32

Sorry, but I guess by "did anyone actually test this" I was referring to thinking of it as a new user who simply installs it and goes. Try it, then try to make some changes and see how it feels to make changes without insider knowledge of how the app tends to work.

Lots of good looking stuff in there by the way. Visibility of "draft" by default with a "save and publish now" button is a pretty slick idea.

But way too much that simply isn't a good idea implemented well, and doesn't belong in the core. Can't find a place to quote, but wasn't there a push to have the core "clean" and let plugins add features? Now the core has features that I personally don't want and already have better solutions for those who want them, and features that flat-out have no purpose.

Oh well.

4 Sep 02, 2009 17:54

I also find the "image has links" error message annoying. Now I can't update an image that's linked to a post unless I find that post, edit it to remove the image, delete the image, upload a new image, then edit the post again to re-insert the image. There ought to be an easier way.

Edit: forgot to mention the version: 3.3.0-rc1.

5 Nov 13, 2009 20:45

I ran into that link problem thing with trying to delete something on a site I set up for a non-profit group. It was version 3.x something. I went into the MySQL database and broke the link in the database and was able to go back to b2evol and do what I wanted to do. Of course users can not play with the database itself....

Just thought I would mention it for those who can play with the database.

6 Nov 14, 2009 12:39

@picojeff: I'm pretty sure FTP would have over-written the uploaded file, then use FTP to delete the evocache folder named after the image. b2evo would then rebuild the evocache folder. Doesn't help those who can't access the server via FTP, but it does make it a little nicer for those who can.

Oh and it might take your cpanel's filemanager to actually delete files and folders depending on your server's configuration stuff. Like, sometimes my FTP can't delete stuff for some reason but 'cpanel filemanager' always can.

7 Dec 05, 2010 12:50

All other configuration options used from global php.ini
See /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini file

aslo in the debian-like system used 3 different php.ini files for different php modes:
/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini - php as apache module mod_php / libphp5
/etc/php5/cgi/php.ini - php as cgi php-cgi binary file
/etc/php5/cli/php.ini - php as CLI php binary

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