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1 Jan 06, 2014 20:51    

Specially in German there is an ongoing discussion about gender and language. Some aspect are related to German language.

For non German speaking guys: the male form is 'Nutzer' (user), the female form is 'Nutzer'in'. Often the male form is used to describe male and female users. This is the base of lots of critics over last 30 years. The alternative forms are 'Nutzerinnen und Nutzer' (plural) or 'Nutzer/innen'. Some also write 'NutzerInnen' (which is formally not accepted).
I.e. University of Leipzig now decided to use only female forms for all roles for people. That means: 'Professorin is the female for for professor and will be used in Leipzig for male and female professors.

Specially in educational area (universities and schools) and public administrations gender neutral language is an issue.

What do you think? How relevant is this for b2evolution?


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