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1 Dec 28, 2019 05:18    

I have installed B2Evolution to my website folder and so far it works okay, but I want my blog to be presented as a single page on my existing website, and don't want the additional menus of "blog contact login" across the top. I was wondering if I can do this with css to simply hide the top menu bar.

FYI, I already tried adding style.css file into the file area of Home and putting the following code in there but it does not work

nav.sitewide_header {
  display: none;

I assume I need to make a copy of the skin and adapt it, but I was not sure if it will work. If someone has an easier way of doing this (a setting somewhere maybe?) then I would appreciate knowing how to do this.

Failing that is there a way to change the items on the top menu bar so it matches my website top menu bar at ?

2 Dec 28, 2019 10:40

I found a solution and putting it here for reference:

under the site dashboard/site settings
I unchecked Enable site skins: and that removed the top menu bar.

and I then added the free html widget to Collections\Blog\Widgets under the Header section where I was able to create some links to other pages on my website.

3 Jan 02, 2020 01:18

Thanks. Now I don't have to ask :-)

4 Jan 06, 2020 23:56

There is a "Menu" Container in most skins which is even more appropriate to add links to other pages of your site.

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