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1 Dec 08, 2010 03:27    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I created a Free HTML Widget containig an Image. The code points to a Flickr picture, nothing special.
The problem is I can see the Picture when I'm logged in, as soon as I logout the Image disappears. That is, the Widget, only this one, works while logged. Otherwise is not visible.

2 Dec 09, 2010 20:25

Can you post the code here?
There's a chance that this code requires jQuery, and it's only loaded when you are logged in.

3 Dec 10, 2010 13:10

Hi sam2kb

Here is the code:

<a href="" title="MARIA LUISA RIOS LARES by milsabores, on Flickr"><img src="" width="145" height="125" alt="MARIA LUISA RIOS LARES" /></a>

4 Dec 10, 2010 19:41

Have you edited free HTML widget file /inc/widgets/widgets/_free_html.widget.php ?

Are other widgets in the same container visible to visitors? Try to add that widget in another container in see if it works there.

5 Dec 10, 2010 23:19

I found why the widget doesn't show but I don't know how to solve it.
The problem is with accented characters. When I put any accented character in the Title or inside the widgets main area, the widget appears while logged in but as soon as I logout it disappears.

6 Dec 28, 2019 11:37

I am having this issue, but not with accented characters, with anything. I am on 6.11.4 and my Free HTML widget used in the header to provide links back to my website pages does not show up at all when not logged in.

the page link to see the issue is at

my html code in the free html widget is:

<ul><li><h3><a href="">Home  </a><a href="">Books  </a><a href="">Music  </a><a href="">About  </a><a href="">Blog  </a><a href="">Contact  </a></h3></li></ul>

EDIT: it just showed up. which suggests there is a caching issue with this. It was probably 15 minutes before it showed any changes, so I assume it will be another delay until it updates. Now I just have to solve why I have an issue with the bullet point showing unexpectedly but I will look at that seperately.

7 Dec 28, 2019 17:55

Noticed you are refering to old posts and very old. This post originates from an obsolete version (3.3.3 ~ 2009) Any solution you may find may well not work for the topic tile. Better to start a new one me thinks if the topic is that old

Using the link you provide I see no bullet point in the header. Do you mean in the right hand column. Start a new topic on this if that is the issue :)

8 Dec 29, 2019 01:02

I didn't want to be posting unecessarily on the same topic, many forums would scold a new member for that which is why I posted to an existing one.

It might also be more useful for users like me, if old posts are considered to be obselete, to archive them from the site rather than leave them where they are searchable. It was the most relevant result from my search for my issue so...probably best if you direct your complaint to the admins, since it is how the site functions that has caused me to respond to "obselete posts". If they are obselete, why are they still here?

I found a way to remove the bullet point with code in the Free HTML which is why you dont see it.

9 Dec 29, 2019 01:19

I decided to change my approach and go round the issue of making top-bar menus instead of trying to resolve it. Maybe version 7 will hold easier solutions.

For anyone else searching this problem with caching changes not updating for long periods of time, I did not test it thoroughly but I think that hitting the "Reload Containers" button in the Widgets section after any changes seemed to help speed it up when viewed from a non-logged-in browser.

10 Dec 29, 2019 12:14

@amoun Using the link you provide I see no bullet point in the header. Do you mean in the right hand column. Start a new topic on this if that is the issue :)

@mdkb I found a way to remove the bullet point with code in the Free HTML which is why you dont see it.

So you have/had an issue with the top barmenu and bullet points being added? I would have stuck to resolving that had it been a new topic but may look into it later.


11 Dec 30, 2019 03:13

@amoun wrote earlier:

So you have/had an issue with the top bar menu and bullet points being added?

yes, I am on the original skin that it uses when I loaded up the demo content when first creating the site.

I get bullet points in the Free HTML widget when I use the
<li></li> or encase it further in <ul></ul>
but if I removed both of those it worked without bullet points.
I had <h3></h3> setting on the href and text and did not try it without that.

but once I looked at the site as whole (not just the blog page), due to top bar menu differences in styling between the blog and the other pages of my site at, I decided to just use a simple single link back to the website rather than create a full blown menu and I think it works better like that so will stick with it.

12 Jan 07, 2020 00:07

There is a 15 minute page cache for non-logged in users.

If you don't want it, turn off page caching here: Collection Caching Panel

Thanks for the suggestion to archive old posts in a way to not make them appear in search results. We will work on that.

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