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How to change Category on a blog

Started by on Aug 26, 2018 – Contents updated: Aug 27, 2018

Aug 26, 2018 15:04    

I have the current version of b2evo installed. I didn't set up categories and my first 2 posts have been tagged as 'Uncategorised'. I have now created a category and my 3rd post was assigned it at creation. I have tried to go back to the first 2 and assign them just to the new category. Instead they end up with both the new category "Preparation" and Uncategorised. I can't seem to strip Uncategorised off. Is this because it is baked into the slug, or am I doing something wrong?

Also the new post seem to want to tick both "Main"and "Extra" for the chosen category. Every time I untick Extra and Save it comes back with both ticked. Is this a setting somewhere, or how it is supposed to work. I get a message about cross posting which seems strange as it is only in one category, although as both Main and Extra.


Aug 26, 2018 15:20

'Uncategorized' is the category b2evo creates by default if you don't create any categories explicitly.

The main category will always also be an extra category.

If you deselected "uncategorized" (main & uncheck "extra" checkbox), then your post in no longer in the uncategorized category.

Nothing is baked into the slugs, unless it is in a web-cache that hasn't refreshed yet.

Please posts screenshots of your issues. "I get a message about cross posting" is not precise enough. Do you have multiple collections set up?

Aug 27, 2018 12:20

I have just tried to select only 1 (new) category and it has all worked as expected. Perhaps something was cached last night.

As for the 'Cross posting" I will wait until I do the next update and capture the messages that pop up.

Thanks for the explanation , it encouraged me to go back and have another go.


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