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1 May 29, 2014 00:08    

I am using the photo index widget to auto generate a scroll of pictures from recent posts.

Does anyone know how to have the post title display below each thumbnail picture?

I've looked in the plug in folder to modify this widget and I don't even see it as a widget? I am assuming it is in the settings somewhere that I can't seem to locate.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


3 May 31, 2014 00:43

Hello msgolipa:

Ty for your reply and the link, much appreciated. I must have an older version as I do not have that feature.

My version also has been modified so I can't upgrade to newest version :(

I looked for this widget so I could possibly modify the code and I don't even see it in the plugins folder.

I'm not sure where the code even is.

4 May 31, 2014 10:56

What version are you using? If you don't know, check this page to figure it out:

Only a few widgets are actually located in the plugins folder. The most part of them are in blogs/inc/widgets/widgets/. In your case, the Photo Index widget is a file named _coll_media_index.widget.php. However, it also depends on the version that you're currently using.

5 May 31, 2014 17:46

Hello and good morning. The version is 4.1.3.

I'm going to go see if I can locate the folder and file now...

6 May 31, 2014 18:14

Hi mgsolipa...what I did is to download the newest stable version and then replace the _col_media_index.widget.php file (after renaming the working copy just in case).

It now has the current features such as the display title. Do you happen to know where the style sheet is for that so that I can enlarge font and remove border?

Thank you very much for helping with this issue. I really appreciate it. Have a super weekend!

7 May 31, 2014 18:50

It was a wise move. :D

The easiest way to find out and customize the css style sheets is using the built-in developer tools of your browser (F12 key in almost all of them).

However, in this case, the file that you need is blogs/rsc/css/basic.css, the specific classes to modifiy will depend on the layout that you use in the widget.

Regards !

8 Jun 12, 2014 02:33

Thank you. I appreciate it :)))

9 Jun 12, 2014 06:01

You're welcome @kittenplay. Actually, a better way is to identify which classes do you need to modify in blogs/rsc/css/basic.css and override them in the file styles.css of your skin. That way you wouldn't need to make changes when upgrade to a higher version.

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