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1 Mar 03, 2017 14:39    

Hello! Is there a way to turn off meta comments option? We do not use them at all... Thank you!

2 Mar 04, 2017 22:35

@spellbound there is not a "Switch off meta-comments" configuration parameter, actually. However, you still have some options.

This feature is controlled by the "Permission to post meta comments into this collection" option at the Collection Permission screen (, under the "Comment statuses" column. These permissions may be set per users or per groups, so unchecking that option for those groups/users where it's currently checked will disable meta-comments for them. However, Administrators and collection owners will keep their access to meta-comments intact due to the checkbox can't be unchecked, so you need to do the following:

  1. Get rid of the meta-comments form in the front-office by overriding skins_fallback_v6/, duplicating it into your skin folder and removing all the content (or just creating an empty file with the same name).
  2. The back-office posts edition form is a way different matter. There is no standard way to remove the meta-comments section, so maybe you just want to hide the fieldset using CSS (dirty, cosmetic and not ideal, of course). In order to do it, just add #fieldset_wrapper_itemform_meta_cmnt{display:none;} at the very end of the skins_adm/bootstrap/rsc/css/style.min.css file (incorrect but quick way to edit CSS files in b2evolution). For the correct way, please see this page:, and if you need more details, just ask for them.

3 Mar 15, 2017 09:34

Sorry for a long delay.Thank you,your method worked fine, There is no more metacomments on my blog, and it's great!

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