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1 Feb 11, 2019 06:44    

Having moved my main site to a new host to get php7.2 and a security certificate I've spent nigh on 2 days sorting out issues and :: correcting http links to https was a tiny bit of a chore. So I cam up with this.

1) Clear the database of item_versions and sessions etc.
2) export the database
3) Open in notepad+ then search and replace all [http:] with [https:] Of course it founf thousands so just as well I didn't carry on by checking every post.
4) Drop all the tables from the database, there always this one that doesn't want to go so I had to drop it on it's own.

  1. Import the modified database


but scary, especially as it didn't work the first time, complaining that this errent table was still there.

On running the site it went to install, instructed to update the database but then it couldn't be found, much like my attempts to auto install on earlier versions on my legacy host

So dropped the tables again, there was only 55 of 103, no wonder the install popped up and failed

Second time it imported without a scratch.

2 Feb 12, 2019 17:44

Congrats on the upgrade. Finding php7 a wee bit faster?

3 Feb 12, 2019 19:16

Hi @poorboy2
Especially nice to receive your concern as you had indicated you were leaving, or would you miss the fun :)
Well the host is SSD too but my internet is 600K max so it will be hard to tell !o!

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