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1 Feb 02, 2020 02:45    

No rush though.

I've been migrating my sites away from wp to other CMSes. WordPress is just getting out of hand with it's plugin/theme ecosystem. The devs for those really push their Pro version these days, either with advertisements in your admin area, grayed out features that greatly outnumber the functional ones or by updating them merely to be able to give you a one time popup or page reminding you of their Pro version. With 4-5 wordpress sites that have 10-30 plugins, there's something that has an update available almost every day.

Some of these sites are small and nearly static so I started with those sites and for those I'm using a flat file CMS that keep it's post/page data in xml files.

I still have two more wp sites and one has a subdomain with b2evo on it to accompany the front facing wp bling bling site. The b2evo install is or was to be members only with documentation for custom projects. It will be using the Manual collection type, one Manual collection per client but they are big projects so I only expect 2-3 per year.

The public facing, main site, that is wp right now has a premium theme and some plugins that have some neat features or bling bling. I can do without some of the bling if I have the ability to have custom page layouts like masonry(RWD) post archives. I can do that with b2evo7.

This particular site is live but won't be utilized for 4-5 months, especially the Manual part of it which is private.

I have another wp site that is the front or landing site for a genealogy script. The genealogy script is all about showing you the data and has no ability to make pages or posts, articles etc, let alone complex layouts. That has TwentyThirteen theme that I restyled and a few plugins that do fancy stuff but I can live without them.

So here's my tentative plan.

First site, go ahead and make the swap now using 7.1 beta because it's functionality or even existence is not important for a few months. Meanwhile, I'll keep wp and put the same content on a blog collection but keep it locked down until evo7 stable time.

For the second site, make the swap to 6.11.4 stable and upgrade when 7.1 stable comes out.

Is this a safe plan?

and Bravo with the layout features. WP users need a page builder, plugin(s) or premium theme to do that and yet end up with less control or they need the ability to create custom php templates. I think 7.1 and beyond is going to make a name for b2evo.

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