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1 Mar 01, 2021 21:50    

What really caused this download trend of b2evolution? b2e is one of the best cms I have had hands on should this really indicate the end? Hope not.
I cannot imagine that there is no market for it (pro)

What has happened last year to b2e?
from github

3 Aug 24, 2021 11:15

Hi @saunders

I imagine there are less and less people wanting such a complex system, and that people want an easier days. Small individual apps that run on phones which the user access.

For the social media side, WhatsApp and the like, with their never-ending conversations are a bit like a forum and you can pen up a conversation to many people. The contacts you really want are already on your phone, not a remote sever, so to speak.
Wordpress has taken over the general job of CMS for the majority with basic website building.

Further many hosting sites offer a free Wordpress setup, so there is a growing community of people who can find support more easily.

Such large businesses usually drown out the smaller enterprises, and b2evo will become more a subterranean safe have for those that wants more hands on.

The query is more, how long can b2evo holds it's breath. I'm not a good swimmer and am likely to go down with my ship.

4 Aug 24, 2021 12:43

Hi @amoun

I also hope, that b2e will not go down within the next years. I won't switch to wordpress or drupal etc. From there I came to b2e.

So many people who thinks to be digital natives and therefor think to be professionals in digital matters. Very many of them are just apps users and they do not have any clue of what internet is. I met people who don't know who to handle a website. So we come back to the early years, where small groups of internet freaks built it up.

The large remainder remains users. That's the way it is.

5 Aug 24, 2021 13:20

@saunders wrote earlier:

Hi @amoun

I also hope, that b2e will not go down within the next years. I won't switch to wordpress or drupal etc. From there I came to b2e.

I think b2evo may not evolve much so we could rename it to b2evolved but I'm pretty sure I'll be running it for more than a few years, more like forever.

7 Sep 18, 2021 17:45

@nomad wrote earlier:

My hope is that someone takes over development, I wish I had the knowledge!

I'm glad I don't as I would feel the need to spend more time on it, and I think that was the problem. Francois was spending so much time that it became an unpleasant job and not enough paying customers to be able to employ others.

So whereas b2evolution id not actually dead, not being a life form, it doesn't look like any evolution is blowing over the horizon.

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