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1 Apr 09, 2016 16:26    

Idea: render title tags (eg <h2> <h3> etc.) in the content of one post and structure them as an catalogue which is displayed in the head of an article. It uses anchor technology. I think we can build a rendering plugin to achieve this feature.

It's very useful indeed. On the one hand, it can help the author organizes an article; on the other hand, the catalogue may help readers to quickly seize the the whole content structure and central idea, improve reading efficiency.

The screenshots as shown on the second floor.

2 Apr 09, 2016 16:37

Screenshot as follow:

4 Apr 10, 2016 01:45

@haharen Yes, a plugin to create such a "Table of Contents" makes perfect sense indeed.

Do you think this renderer plugin is a project that you could somehow give to one of the computer science students in your university? ;)

5 Apr 10, 2016 02:19

Yes, I have the intention to explore and develop some students, and have founded a programming team (about one month ago at the beginning of this semester), currently still in infancy.I am really glad to do this job (also some other developments of b2 ), but nowdays these students still get relatively basic programming skills, I'm afraid it may be a bit difficult for them to undertake it currently (some days later when they rise a higher level may be much better). On the other hand, there may be some comprehensive technology students or talents in our university, unfortunately have not found yet. And this is exactly one of important reasons why I eager to build a blog platform by using our b2. When b2 really applied in the school and spread out, I believe there will be gradually showing some capable students.

6 Mar 26, 2020 14:40

I appreciate your plugin very much.

May I ask you for a fix for this case:
If someone splits a webpage into two pages the table of content is set for e.g. the second page but not for the first page, showing the content of that, last page..
It would be great to have it working on each page showing the content the page. That would be really great!
In case this is to time costy it would be helpful if the TOC could be placed not at the last but the first page.
It would be great to have this done!

Thanks and Regards, Will

8 Mar 29, 2020 16:52


When using multi pages in a post TOC , set on the first page, lists all the headlines of all pages but in case you'll click to a link in TOC that should call a headline of e.g. page 2 it does not work - The link does not include /?page=x

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