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1 Mar 22, 2014 12:28    

Hi Francois and B2Evo Team,

I am just a little curious if there's a feature that I have to activate in order for a blog user to get directed automatically to a folder location (folder automatically generated by b2evo) for the current post that the blogger is about to post. (similar to WP)

I don't like B2Evo to become closely similar to WP, but adding media and being directed to an image folder for the current post is hassle free.

Do we have this feature?

2 Mar 22, 2014 22:49


As I understand your question, I guess it is not possible to make b2evo to automatically create a subdirectory in the media folder for each new saved post. However, it should be an interesting feature, at least in my case, I manually create new folders every time I make a post with attached files. I usually copy the slug of the post and create the new folder with that name.

Do you think that making the item's slug to be the name of the folder is good enough? Maybe the ID of the new post? Or nested folders like /blogs/media/blogs/[blog]/year/month?

Let's define how it should be and make the request to the devs.


3 Mar 23, 2014 03:32

Thanks for the interest of this request @mgsolipa

Here's what I think would be the implementation.

.../media/[Blog ID]/[post ID]/year/month/day

or simply

/media/[post ID]/year/month/

4 Mar 23, 2014 03:39

And again, whenever the user clicks on "add/link files" it should open the directory as default.

If the user has to attach a different file from another folder location, the user just have to browse through the regular navigation option.

5 Mar 23, 2014 05:27

All right, a "clean" spec of this feature will be evaluated by the b2evo team according the priorities in their current work load. If you think that anything else could be included, please do not hesitate on suggest it here.


6 Mar 25, 2014 01:13

I agree with this but I think the default path should me more like: blogroot/year/month/post-slug

With an option to use: blogroot/category/subcat/post-slug

And because slugs for categories and posts can be pretty long, we might want to limit the number of chars for each.

7 Mar 29, 2014 13:09

Or simply use the tiny URL post slug since it is only composed of 3 chars.

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