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1 Oct 03, 2013 14:55    

With version 5.0.5 came this error message each time an image is uploaded qith Quick Upload:

Mensaje inválido, por favor corrige estos errores:

Etiqueta <a> no puede tener el atributo id="..."

That is in Spanish and it means that there is an error and that Tag <a> can't have attribute id"...".

Deleting the id"..." attribute from the image code fixes the problem but it would be better if that message or the error didn't exist.

2 Mar 15, 2014 04:45

We're having the same problem on our site. No matter whether we post in HTML or WYSIWYG mode, when an image is inserted into a new empty post (even tried Save & Edit before adding the image), it inserts id="##" between the <a and href. Manually deleting it solves the problem, just like you said.

Nobody has any response on this?

3 Mar 15, 2014 14:15

Hello @manuswulfus,

The thing is that the Quick Upload is a third-party developed plugin and you have to ask for this kind of help directly in the plugin's forum post: However, the plugins site will be updated in the near future, and minor fixes like this could be managed directly by the dev team.

In the meantime, maybe you could set the XHTML Validation of your site to Basic security checking, of course, considering that the HTML rules will be flexibilized, you should be more careful about the content of your posts. Read more about it here:

Finally, if you want to add the hack by yourself, you could go to the file /blogs/plugins/quick_upload_plugin/upload_window.php and replace the line 497 by this other one:

$img_tag = format_to_output( $newFile->get_tag('<div class="image_block">','<div class="image_legend">','</div>','</div>','original',''), 'formvalue' );

Note: when you save your post, you will realize that the link to the images that is currently added by the plugin will be gone.


4 Mar 26, 2014 02:29

Hi @mgsolipa,

I replaced the line you suggest but it didn't solve the problem.


5 Mar 26, 2014 05:16

Hi @gcasanova,

It's supposed the code I suggested solves the issue as it, actually I double-checked and it does at my side. So, I'm attaching the whole /blogs/plugins/quick_upload_plugin/upload_window.php please make a backup of your file and replace it by this one just to make sure that everything is in the right place.

I also made an improvement for this, but it requires a core hack, it's a simple one, but still it's a core hack. If you want to test it, please make a backup of /blogs/inc/files/model/_file.class.php and /blogs/plugins/quick_upload_plugin/upload_window.php, upload the attached file to your b2evo root folder (at the same level of the blogs folder) and uncompress it. IMPORTANT: please consider that I made this hack using the latest release (5.0.8).

Please, let us know if it did the trick.



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