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1 May 04, 2019 00:13    

My objective was to create a development instance of b2evo on my Windows 7, IIS 7.5 server. The longer term objective was to develop a blog to be hosted on Bluehost php 7.2.17 server. and MySQl 5.6.41-84.1+. In order to minimize problems, I made my local machine match Bluehost settings. I am fully aware that b2evo is not designed to run successfully on this platform...but I persisted. This has worked for me with nominal issues. Here goes:

  1. My first attempt was to install b2evo 6.10.8 using the automated install. This failed with an error saying the MySQl schema was out of date. This install failed at that point.
  2. I then installed b2evo 6.7.4. that version was selected because it was released shortly after the MySql version was released. It succeeded up until I tried to create a post. At that point I had error messages about deprecated functions. I expected this. I observed that the MySQL schema and table had been created.
  3. I then created a folder with b2evo with version 6.10.8 in it.
  4. I then ran the install (install.php)
  5. The install asked it I wanted to update or install anew. I chose update. It installed.
  6. I ran index.php in the main folder and was told that no pages had been created. There was a button to go to create a page.
  7. The page was created and the admin console came up.

I have been playing and learning with it all day, with no errors. Feel free to contact, if needed.

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