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1 Apr 17, 2020 19:36    

Hi. An anomalie in trying to edit a post. This is a post I have not used for a year and wanted to update it but had the error shown in the image. I then cleared all the caches, checked the database and cleared the version history via maintenance options but no change.

I haven't a problem with any other post as yet ??

Can't edit a particular post

2 Apr 18, 2020 00:12

My solution is to make another page ยน. Copied all the content and all is ok. So I can just delete the awkward post, but am waiting to see if the error is of any interest to the dev team and can be resolved rather than circumvented.

    1. not that I want to edit it ~ as given the possiblilty of dumping the pagebreak option in b2evo 8 I have made a new post rather than update this one.

3 Apr 30, 2020 02:11

@amoun I think I remember you frequently truncated your versions table. This would have been an occasion to do it and it would probably have solved the duplicate key issue. (Or maybe it was just that you double clicked somewhere instead of single click and if you can reproduce we'd like to know)

4 Apr 30, 2020 11:52

Hmm! Yes I truncate the items_version and sessions frequently, usually via phpMyAdmin though after this discovery I did it via b2 maintenance.

Will let you know if a similar instance occurs, but I can't actively reproduce it.


5 Jun 18, 2020 11:54

Hi @fplanque

Now using 7.1.5

I have reproduced the error and please see post as I have truncated the table and more.

Here is the screen shot. This time I will not re-post the item from scratch, I'll edit it later to wait to see if you find anything that may be a b2evo issue.

6 Jun 18, 2020 13:45

Via phpMyAdmin I have found what I think the error refers to but I won't delete the record yet.

7 Jun 18, 2020 13:57

Ok The problem is that when saving it couldn't find the quick-upload image (37). The thumbnail existed and the file appeared to exist in Filezilla ??, but somehow, sometime I may have moved the file. After deleting the attached image file to the post it saved OK.

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