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1 Jul 13, 2015 15:37    

As I look at what's available from a default installation, there doesn't appear an obvious choice as to which skin to use. Is there something coming in this area, or is one of the included skins a good fit for this?

2 14 Jul 2015 17:14

@chris_of_arabia a lot of new skins will be officially available pretty soon. Also, an important enhancement for the tracker feature is on discussion and planning process right now. I think it will imply the development of specialized skins.

Having said that, I think that the forum's skins are the best choice for tracker collections right now.

3 14 Jul 2015 22:31

Thanks for that update. The tracker is a collection I nearly didn't notice, as it's not featured as such with the demo data included in the install. I'll take a look with the forum skin and see how it looks.

4 03 Jun 2020 23:34

Any updates on this? I can't find tracker optimized skins yet

5 04 Jun 2020 00:07

Just looking at your query.
Accordingly the manual implies there are 'tracker' skins. Will see if I can find one.

Tracker: A collection of Issues, optimized for issue tracking or collaborative editing between multiple users. Look for the workflow properties on the post editing form. Can be used as a section of a larger site. Should be used with a "tracker" skin. May also be used only in back-office."

UPDATE: Couldn't find one, Have added a comment to the manual.

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