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1 Jul 12, 2016 15:17    

Hi Is it possible for the author to mark a post as SORTED or RESOLVED?

2 Jul 12, 2016 19:48

Not yet but we'll definitely add that in the future.

I am wondering if it should close the topic at the same time (preventing additional replies)

3 Jul 12, 2016 23:21

No it shouldn't close it automatically as the resolution may not be absolute, just enough for the author to have the problem disappear as far as they know.

Take my post about validation and the 'tag' input attribute for example. I've just solved the problem by hacking core files, not a proper solution, plus there may be more files to mod; but as far as I'm concerned it's SORTED (for now)

Of course if you, as the prime coder, want to answer every post and ensure that the solution is absolute then yes, it could be closed by you but not by the author..


4 Aug 10, 2016 00:16

Quick note for the future:

Forums can use workflow and topics have a workflow status.

Some of these statuses could be made accessible to the original author.

For example:

  • If status is "none" or "support" or "waiting for answer", original author could at any time switch to "closed" or "solved"
  • If status is "bug", then the original author could not close it because only an admin should close it, after fixing.

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