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1 Dec 14, 2020 05:56    

Just checking what I think should be simple (just in case it's not).

I want to move the blog from the root directory to a sub-directory, so from something like /index.php to /blog/index.php.

What I'm thinking of doing, as I need to upgrade as well, is

  1. unpack the new version into the required directory
  2. point the new version to the old database
  3. run the update
  4. remove the previous files

Is it as easy as that?

2 Dec 14, 2020 10:33

@northlight wrote earlier:


  1. move your current install to /blog/index.php and make sure it is running there.
  2. unpack the new version into the required directory
  3. run the update

As easy as that.

Awesome, thanks... was hoping it was as simple as that.

3 Dec 14, 2020 13:49


Hope all has gone simply, just to say I would

  1. Update current version to 7.2.2 which will update database. > Export database as backup anyway.
  2. Install new 7.2.2 wherever and link to or import database.

The only issues I have are a

  1. keeping old config file if you don't have details of database
  2. Moving all /media directory
  3. Hope all links in database are relative not absolute. I have often opened the exported database with a basic file editor and replaced [https://mydomain.xx/media/] with [https://mydomain.xx/blogxx/meadia]

4 Dec 14, 2020 16:24

@northlight wrote earlier:

I am also wondering why no dev is showing up in this forum since a while.
I am also concerned (to even think about) if b2e is dying.

Looking on the bright side, maybe they are just busy :) which of course can be a bit sad if peer to peer support isn't good enough :(

b2evo can't die lol and I doubt the devs are dying though they may be exhausted

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