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MySQL error! — Who visited my profile?

Started by on Dec 14, 2018 – Contents updated: Dec 17, 2018

Dec 14, 2018 18:28    


how can I fix this bug, shown in screenshot?

Thanks and Regards, Will

Dec 14, 2018 22:23

Check it out :)
Version 6.10.4

  1. Enabled visits
  2. Signed in with two users Admin and A Friend
  3. Visited Admin from friend Logged out A Friend, checked visits and had same problem Image 1
  4. Whilst still logged in as Admin checked User Friend and had same problem Image 1. checked Admin visits and all ok Image 2

Dec 14, 2018 22:32

Version 6.10.4
Repeated above post #2

  1. No change
  2. No record of second visit from friend
  3. Visited friend from Admin, go to check Friends visits and same error as original reported

Dec 16, 2018 00:32

We'll check that on monday.

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