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1 Jan 19, 2019 14:04    

Name field in Anonymous comments

Looking into @saunders last topic I have enabled public/anonymous posting in one on my sites

All went well I could spam myself with any old name and email address.

So I disabled the request for a name but the field still shows in the feedback form and if a name is entered it shows in the comment header.

Is this the correct view, should the field for name be displayed at all and not least disabled

Name field in Anonymous comments

2 Jan 19, 2019 15:46

When you disable that option, the name is no longer required, but it's still an optional entry to commenter can provide.

3 Jan 19, 2019 17:36

So it is designed that way: Thanks. I would like to disable or remove it so that no name can be given if not requested. I will try and modify the relevant file and put it in my skin. Thanks

4 Jan 19, 2019 23:15

Ok I've just added a css rule to [/media/blogs/***/style.css #ffield_i {display:none} as registered users are not asked for a name when they comment.

Oops! forgot image. Next post

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